I, do hereby agree to the terms of agreement of Grocedy subscription policy and as below.

  1. I agree that Grocedy has the right to decline acceptance into its food subscription service
  2. That Grocedy has the right to extend delivery date if faced with logistics issues beyond its control
  3. That I will not hold Grocedy or her staff liable for any misrepresentation of her product or policy other than what is contained in the product brochure and on our website, www.grocedy.com
  4. I will complete all my subscription instalments and charges within 27 days, every month, before I can be considered for food delivery. If completed after 27 days, I may be liable to additional charges.
  5. I understand that all payments for subscriptions are non-refundable. I shall not receive any refund, once Grocedy has received my subscription payment or any instalment payment towards it.
  6. My subscription category can only be altered only after I have completed and closed an existing subscription plan category i.e. after at least one month of a fully paid subscription. Upgrade and downgrade of subscription plans will commence the following month.
  7. Grocedy may alter/ review the subscription fee and charges if the need arises without prior notice due to present market conditions and this may affect the quantity of what is delivered to me.
  8. The delivered items shall be subject to the market rate on the day of delivery.
  9. All complaints shall be forwarded only by email to customercare@grocedy.com.
  10. Any payment not received by Grocedy, will not be applied to my account with Grocedy. Any unsuccesful transactions is to be attended to by the customers bank.
  11. Any delivery not attended to by my registered receiver or personally shall be returned to Grocedy office while pick up will be at my own expense and invitation.
  12. Payments for my subscription shall be made through any of the authorized Grocedy digital channels.
  13. Delivery will be made to the registered address within 5 days of completing the payments for the basket.



I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions of my subscription to Grocedy for its food subscription service.